Payroll Outsourcing

Our focus in payroll operational processes is to generate added value through a balance between knowledge of current labor regulations and updated software, backed by a qualified and properly trained human team that adapts to the specific needs of our clients.

In this way, we were able to reduce the workload related to routine operational activities for administrative staff and eliminate investment and software maintenance costs.

The service translates into permanent updating, optimization and standardization of processes. We offer continuous improvement and innovation for our clients.

  • Generate added value, through Guaranteeing Compliance with Colombian Legislation and Management by a Thematic Expert
  • Decrease Workload
  • Permanent Update, Optimization and Standardization of Processes
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation adjusted to the Characteristics of Each Business
  • Eliminate Software Investment and Maintenance Costs

Thanks to having qualified personnel, we are able to Organize and Manage a company's Payroll Processes, including:

  • Payroll Settlement
  • Settlement of employment contracts
  • Consolidation of Social Benefits
  • Liquidation and supports of the comprehensive Social Security System
  • Preparation of Income and Withholding Certificates
  • Reports of monthly Payroll Provisions.

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